Project for developing and improving the performance of water networks in Riyadh Governorate / Phase I

- The project aims to develop and improve the performance of the water networks of Riyadh governorate (Thadak-Harelima, Hawatah Sudair, Rawda Sudair), and Al-Majmaa governorates (Tawim, Jalajel, Tamir, Zulfi). - Field survey of all network components and accessories. - The creation and updating of a Geographic Information System (GIS). - Hydraulic study and application to distribution areas. - Design of primary and secondary distribution areas and field tests. - Updating devices and components of the system in terms of installation or replacement of measuring devices, recorders of flow and pressure, electronic meters and data transmitters and servers, programming work and special connection. - Detection and treatment of leaks and reduction of waste loss. - Implementation of monitoring and control programs for the network and calculation of loss rates automatically. - Automatic reading system for different systems (fixed or mobile). - Achieving billing for actual consumption quantities.


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