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About Arsan

ARSAN was established in 1989 as privately owned company. After a decade of growth Arsan is now recognized as ARSAN Contracting Company. The company has grown tremendously over the last years. The company is currently working in the fields related to infra-structure works and service networks, implementation of control and monitoring systems for water networks, systems of various automated meter reading (AMR) of network components, development and improvement of water networks performance through the implementation of new networks and components, or replacement of old one, and technology to detect water looses and reduce the rate of losses to the appropriate limits, in addition to the work of hydraulic studies and applied to the distribution areas of looses areas and achieve the goal to improve the level of operational performance of networks in general. Arsan Contracting Company has received an appreciation from the entities that have been dealt with. The number of employees has grown to more than 500 people. Currently according to Saudi Contractor’s classification ARSAN is at 3rd place in operation & maintenance, 3rd in water and sanitary work, 4th in building construction works, 4th in electrical works and 5th in roads works.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a long term customer confidence and relationship by enhancing our internal operations and logistics. This reached by sustaining a high professional and trained staff and expanding our resources horizon.


The company's culture is based on solid principles of our unwavering commitment to our employees, development and encouragement of national cadres, our commitment to safety and quality with work and excellence in performance, and we seek to create an enabling work environment through the necessary training and motivation to develop skills and strengthen the spirit of belonging. The basis for our clients is the principle of integrity and transparency so that we build bridges of trust with all, committed to our constant values of quality in work and excellence.

Our Goals

Our Goal is to confirm all the requirements and specifications of our clients by delivering projects in a timely, cost effective, high quality and regulative complaint manner.

Company History

ARSAN was established in 1989 as privately owned company.The company has grown tremendously over the last ten years. It has implemented many water and sanitation projects, operation and maintenance contracts, construction and urban development and infrastructure contracts with several governmental and private institutions.

Organizational Chart